Apart Hotel GH

Irakli Abashidze str. N42, Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia

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Send a booking request
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Receive availability confirmation
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Pay a deposit and reserve

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Hotel description

Apart Hotel GH is located in Tbilisi. It is located from Tbilisi International Airport at 25 minutes drive, from subway Rustaveli at 10 minutes walking distance, from bus station at 15 minutes drive, from railway station at 5 minutes drive.

The hotel provides WiFi, free parking, laundry or washing machine, taxi and cleaning service.

All rooms feature :
  • private bathroom
  • central heating
  • TV
  • air conditioner
  • hairdryer

The hotel has a shared kitchen equipped with kitchen appliances.

Guests can prepare meals in their fully equipped kitchenette, or can try the many international restaurants within a 5-minute walk.

Each room type has a kitchen corner (fridge, microwave, and electric kettle).

Room Service: Bed linen, towels, bath inventory, cleaning service.

Hotel features

Air conditioner is in all rooms
Some rooms have balconies
Every room has individual bathroom
Television in every room
Refrigerator in all rooms
Wifi available in all rooms
Bathtub in some rooms
Hair dryer in every room
Showers in some rooms
Microwave in all rooms
Children are welcome
Shared kitchen
Owner managed property
Information services available onsite
Pets not welcome
Smoke free establishment
Free Parking available
Laundry, Washing machine
Cleaning Services onsite
Central Heating
Transfer service to airport and/or other district available
Tours depart from this location
Taxi service
Nightclub onsite or nearby

Terms of Service

Booking is free of charge, the website doesn't add a booking commission to the prices.

Prices don't include meals.

Pets are not allowed.

Check in times

Check in 13:00; Check out 12:00

Hotel details

Children & Extra Beds

All children are welcome.
Free! All children under 6 years stay free of charge when placed on beds with parents!

Free! All children and adults stay free of charge when using extra beds!


The number of extra beds in a room's type is:

  • "standart" - The maximum number of extra beds in a room is 1 bed for child
  • "standart plus" - a fold-able sofa may be used as an extra bed by 1 child or 1 adult!
  • "lux" - a fold-able sofa may be used as an extra bed by 1 child or 1 adult! Additionally, fold-able sofas may be used as extra beds by 2 children.

Airports, Transport & Driving directions

Hotel is located:
  • from Tbilisi International Airport at 25 minutes drive
  • from subway Rustaveli at 10 minutes walking distance
  • from bus station at 15 minutes drive
  • from railway station at 5 minutes drive
reached through a vehicle of:
  • bus
  • mini-bus
  • Taxi
  • car

Policies & Disclaimers

A deposit amount, which is 15% of the total booking cost must be paid on the website to complete the reservation. The remainder is charged at the property, while receiving the service. It's also possible to pay the total cost on the website. In this case there won't be any cost to be paid at the property.

100% of the deposit paid on the website will be refunded in case of booking cancellation 3 or more days prior to Check-in, otherwise when cancelling booking later than 3 days prior to Check-in the paid deposit is non refundable except as otherwise provided by law.

In order to book, you need to submit a request to the hotel to check the availability of rooms for a specified period of time. If confirmed by the hotel, to complete the booking, you need to finally confirm the reservation. Instructions for final confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Payment methods at the property

  • This property accepts cash payments