Before you make a reservation, you need to submit a request to the hotel to check the availability of room/s for a specified period of time. If confirmed by the hotel, to complete the booking you need to finally confirm the reservation by paying a deposit. Instructions will be sent to your email address.

You don't have to register and login to book on our website. All information will be sent to your email. 




When you go to the hotel's details page you can see the rooms types with descriptions and prices.

If you haven't specified dates and guests yet, please specify them on the hotel's page:


Some hotels provide prices per room and some - per person. This information is always indicated along with the prices.

It also shows how many persons the room can accommodate and how many persons can be placed on extra beds (note that the cost of extra beds, if the service is chargeable, is not included in the total price on the website and is paid separately at the hotel.) In most cases, a small child placed with a parent is free of charge. Conditions and prices for children and extra beds are described on the hotel page, in the section "Children and Extra Beds").

Select one or more rooms, in which the selected guests will be accommodated. Indicate the quantity of required rooms:

If the prices are indicated per person (not per room), then you must choose the guests who will be accommodated in the selected room/s:



After that click 



You will be taken to the reservation request page. Fill all the necessary personal details (Name, Lastname, email, phone, etc).

The system automatically calculates booking total cost and the amount of the deposit, that is required to complete the booking, after the availability is confirmed.

Check your order details, agree to the given information and click:

 A copy of your enquiry will be sent to your email address.



After that the hotel receives your enquiry email, checks room/s availability for the selected dates and, in case the selected rooms are available, you receive the enquiry confirmation email. 

Hotels always try to confirm enquiries as soon as possible. It usually takes not more then 30 minutes to receive a reply. Check your email periodically to see the reply.



See your enquiry confirmation email and follow the instructions to complete the booking.

Hotels and other properties usually require you to prepay a deposit. Most often, the deposit is 15% of the total booking cost.

On our website you can pay using:

 | using Paypal

 | Visa or Mastercard issued by any bank (secured bank processing)


After paying a deposit, you will receive an email confirming your reservation. Congratulations, you have successfully booked the room/s!

We will send you the hotel's contact phone number seperately. In the hotel you can present a printed reservation confirmation letter, although this is not obligatory. 

A few days before your arrival to the hotel, we advise you to contact the hotel and inform them at what time you will arrive, find out the exact location and instructions on how to get to the hotel!